Everyday Heroes

In our life we are blessed by people that inspire us to be more than we had ever imagined for ourselves. The everyday hero does not wear a cape, shoot webs, or save the universe from imminent danger. These are the people who touch our hearts with a smile, who give their lives to their passionate purpose, who serve other’s because they are called. My everyday hero is my younger and only brother, Andre Lawhorn. Today, he’s achieved the great success in the US Army Reserve of ascending to the rank of Sergeant Major. This is no small feat. After wars and deployments that keep us waiting for his return, Andre has stayed committed to a dream that been a part of him since we were kids. My brother used to wait up for me when I went out as a teenager just to make sure I got home ok. I knew then that his love and dedication to wife, family, and country is unwavering. In the age of internet muscles and bravado he still believes in a hand shake and one’s word, which is rare. Some would call it an old school approach to dealing with life, but I honor Andre’s principles and values. He’s my everyday hero for remaining true to himself, gaining respect through action, and treating others with dignity. Congratulations, Sergeant Major Andre Lawhorn, we salute you.IMG_4990