3rd Annual Resurrection High School Jr. Prom!

3rd Annual Resurrection High School Jr. Prom!

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The time has come once again for Charizma and Resurrection High School to team up for our 3rd annual Jr. Prom! We’ll be loading up the truck with photo booths, uplights and tons of DJ gear to make this party even more amazing than last year! If you haven’t checked out the video yet, make sure you give it a watch!

Every year before party time, we head over to Resurrection High to meet with all the girls to talk about music. Because this is an all girls Catholic school, we always want to make sure that the party (and music) are within the bounds of the administration and the values that they hold. We make sure the music they are asking us to play is appropriate and ‘radio friendly’. Asking the girls to help us create playlists is a great way to get everyone involved so it feels like their party as much as it is ours. Since school parties generally rely ONLY on music selection, it must be perfect.

We are truly honored to be doing this event for the 3rd year in a row – we always have a great time with these kids, and it’s good to know they have a great time, too. Victoria in the Park is a beautiful venue, big enough for everyone to dance freely, but intimate enough to create just the right mood. Last year was a great year for dance music and we are super excited to have a blast this year!

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