Back to School@Home

Back to School@Home

We are only a few weeks away from starting the fall school session, officially known as back to school@ home.

As a parent of freshman heading into high school, the questions are far too many to put in this article. Amid a global pandemic, our children will be at home due to health and safety concerns. Our biggest question is, how do we get them to focus without the school environment?

Being at home is the sanctuary that allows us to let our guard down and be comfortable. Inside the walls of high school, the structure, pace, and social atmosphere are necessary for their personal development. Parents will have to create the best environment for learning.

With multiple kids having a separate place is going to be the foundation for success. To help our children thrive, we have to create new habits that will benefit all parties.

The admission of the bad study habits of both parents and kids need to be on the table. Back to school@home needs to define what did not work last school year to help us move forward to a new one. Discipline will be a significant factor for every family during this transitional year of education. The best we can do is try to give each individual a home base that fosters thought and learning without distractions. The classes and curriculum have a road map that will be easy for parents and kids to work around.

The hard part is staying on the road. Phone, tv, and gaming need not be a break in the school day. Getting proper sleep is no exception in the plan for success.  Starting the day by getting up getting dress is also essential for one’s image and self-esteem. Proper and timely nutrition will also play a significant role if we look toward success this semester and beyond.

The start of the new school year will be different. We know parents will do all they can to ensure a bright future for the children. We have to be willing and committed to change as much as they are going to face. If we listen with the intent to hear, we believe that the family can get thru unpredictable times. Back to school@home will change the landscape of how we do education for the future. We hope to learn more than what is on the Chromebook.

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