Chotchkes on the dance floor

Chotchkes on the dance floor

One of the most asked questions at our pre-event meetings for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs is “How much of that stuff do I need for the dance floor?”  The truth is, you don’t need even one hat.  Marz always says, “No one is going to leave your party thinking, ‘I had an amazing time, BUT I didn’t get a glow necklace.'”

That said, some fun dance floor party favors can always add to the fun and the kids do enjoy them.  Our general rule of thumb is about 3 items per kid.  So if you have 70 kids coming, about 200-250 pieces (can’t hurt to have a few extras for the adults!)  Our dancers will typically hand out a glow/LED item during the snowball and hat & glasses during the main dance sets.

Shawn of Charizma Entertainment

What to get?  LED jewelry, K West inspired shades & fedora hats are hot right now.  Our favorite item is the LED foam stick.  Priced at about $1.60 each, this is an awesome item that both kids and adults love to dance with.  For under $200 you can fill your dance floor with high-impact, multi-color lights.  They are super lightweight so no worries about anyone getting hurt during the party rockin’.

We’ve got samples & info on all the latest stuff in our office.  We’ll help you make the best choices for your event. Enjoy!


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