Shana Tova 5781

Shana Tova 5781

As the year 5780 comes to a close for my friends in the Jewish community, Shana Tova 5781 is here for all to celebrate and move forward. There are a few takeaways from last year that wasn’t so bad. The pandemic forced us to reset some priorities in our lives. Spending time with the family took on a whole new meaning. The way we consume arts and entertainment drastically made us rethink the internet package from our local provider( Xfinity). And, meetings, milestones, and celebrations went virtual. What an adventure that has been.

We miss being next to other people that we don’t know. Sharing a conversation with the person in line at the baseball game, or late-night eats at Superdawg. We are visiting loved ones who need a friendly face when their health fails. Or we merely want to be part of something bigger than oneself. That’s the bad news. Now, excellent information. Shana Tova 5781 has me focused on having more robust bonds with my clients. To exercise a new level of patience it takes in planning a celebration. To listen with the intent to hear, and not respond, when questions and concerns are presented. And to create a level of transparency that will be refreshing and welcoming to all parties involved.https:

Simply put, be better. The effort has everything to do with successful outcomes. For our clients, my talents will always be available to create the best moments in their lives.

We can’t escape change, but we can become better in adapting to the environment in which we have to exist. My years of celebrating and getting to know many families have taught me one important thing. That Shana Tova 5781 brings hope and a newfound enthusiasm for the ideals we’d like to share and the goals we’d like to accomplish. To all those celebrating the new year, the Charizma family is ready to participate and become a part of your family’s history.

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