World Champion

To be a champion means so much to those whom are involved in the process. I, for one, love being the man, number 1 and World Champion. Not world champion to some sports team or corporation or organization but to my daughters. I have my own business which I give a lot to as well my clients who make me successful. I have a rule that when the garage door closes; IT’S ON!! I see those faces that greet me with unfiltered love and enthusiasm and I know that I’m the greatest in the world because I hold the title Daddy. This means everything to me for I’m the best in the world to them and I get to be who I want to be; simply a father. So when you come home from your day and you need to know if you matter, put it on, that championship belt, and remember that you are the worlds greatest to your daughters and sons and give them a reason think nothing else.