It’s a Sweet Life.

You can put out the most decadent brownie & the most luscious crème brulee on your sweet table…. but what do all the kids and adults alike clamor for?  CANDY!

I love creating these candy tables for clients!  I’ve done dozens of them, yet each one has it’s own unique touch.  I start by chatting with the bar/bat mitzvah child about their favorites.  I always ask them for 5-7 of their must have favorites & from there we build an abundant display.  I use a mixture of minis, full size and movie theater boxes.  Each candy buffet is customized with thoughtful details, color, and creativity.

A candy buffet is a great element for an interactive dessert & addition to a traditional sweet table .  Or also add some small custom bags for a sweet take-home for each guest!


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Charizma Celebrates: Emcee Marz at DeeDee & Gary’s Wedding

I had the double honor of joining Dee Dee & Gary on their beautiful day, while also getting to see an old friend – The Grove Country Club.  It’s been some time since I’ve been there; the room overlooks a manicured golf course & still carries that intimate sophistication that I have always appreciated.

We provided the entertainment, wireless LED uplighting throughout the room and a custom monogram.  The husband and wife team, John & Anne of zr Weddings captured the splendor of the evening through their talented lenses.  The energy that John used to get his shots throughout the evening was inspirational.  Bravo!

– Marz – Charizma Entertainment – Emcee / DJ / Founder

tchotchkes on the dance floor

One of the most asked questions at our pre-event meetings for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs is “How much of that stuff do I need for the dance floor?”  The truth is, you don’t need even one hat.  Marz always says, “No one is going to leave your party thinking, ‘I had an amazing time, BUT I didn’t get a glow necklace.'”

That said, some fun dance floor party favors can always add to the fun and the kids do enjoy them.  Our general rule of thumb is about 3 items per kid.  So if you have 70 kids coming, about 200-250 pieces (can’t hurt to have a few extras for the adults!)  Our dancers will typically hand out a glow/LED item during the snowball and hat & glasses during the main dance sets.

Shawn of Charizma Entertainment

What to get?  LED jewelry, K West inspired shades & fedora hats are hot right now.  Our favorite item is the LED foam stick.  Priced at about $1.60 each, this is an awesome item that both kids and adults love to dance with.  For under $200 you can fill your dance floor with high-impact, multi-color lights.  They are super lightweight so no worries about anyone getting hurt during the party rockin’.

We’ve got samples & info on all the latest stuff in our office.  We’ll help you make the best choices for your event. Enjoy!


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World Champion

To be a champion means so much to those whom are involved in the process. I, for one, love being the man, number 1 and World Champion. Not world champion to some sports team or corporation or organization but to my daughters. I have my own business which I give a lot to as well my clients who make me successful. I have a rule that when the garage door closes; IT’S ON!! I see those faces that greet me with unfiltered love and enthusiasm and I know that I’m the greatest in the world because I hold the title Daddy. This means everything to me for I’m the best in the world to them and I get to be who I want to be; simply a father. So when you come home from your day and you need to know if you matter, put it on, that championship belt, and remember that you are the worlds greatest to your daughters and sons and give them a reason think nothing else.

Welcome to Our Blog!

MarzIn the coming weeks I look forward to sharing my thoughts, photos, and insights on the industry, people, and the things that I love. I am an interactive emcee, DJ, and dancer with over twenty years of experience in the DJ entertainment industry. I was discovered by the late, great Walter Payton in Chicago nightclubs as a raw talent in the late 80’s. After honing my craft for six years in the nightclub industry, I made my transition to become a respected and known name in the social and corporate events market. Now, twenty years later, having the knowledge of what effect an emcee/DJ can have on an event has come full-circle for me: being a husband and father and understanding how precious the moments are with the ones we love, and what they mean to us, gives me an HD perspective of what it is to be in the moment.

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