The Team

Who are we?

The origin of Charizma Entertainment was the brainchild of Marcellus “Marz” Lawhorn, the late Lance Harmeling and Leslie Dempsey. Thus, the partnership led to the creation of Charizma Entertainment in 2002. Our mission was simple and clear: to provide excellent entertainment for mitzvahs with our fantastic emcees and DJs, along with our exceptionally talented interactive dancers.

Since then, our reputation for excellence has allowed us to extend our brand of entertainment to the wedding, corporate/non-profit, and school markets, which only solidified what we already knew: that we provided a level of entertainment that was second to none. We never just do a good event, we do great events. Now, we are extremely blessed to have created valuable partnerships and relationships with our clients. Our organization has changed over the years, but our motto has stayed the same: spontaneous perfection. If you live in the moment, the moment will not disappoint.


A: I like to hang out with my girls, watch movies, play funky-blues guitars, & online game.

A: The adrenaline rush that the music and the celebration gives you when you’re on an event.

A: Single parents, my brother, & my mom are all my heroes.

A: Exhale. Visualize your day as you see it, then add the elements that are going to make your vision come to life.

A: One New Year’s, I had the honor and privilege to do a wedding at the University of Illinois for a young man, whom I did his bar mitzvah. A phenomenal moment for me and the family, who I am very close with still to this day.


A: I love to go explore different types of authentic Ramen, but when I'm not doing that I hang out with my dance buddies.

A: My favorite thing about working in the entertainment world is making guests smile and connect with each other.

A: I don't believe I have a single hero. I'm actually surrounded by them. There are too many role models in my life who helped mold me into who I am today.

A: Just relax and be a guest at your own event. You have plenty of people to handle everything else. Just know we’ll take care of you.

A: There was a wedding we did downtown against the lake. Right in the middle of a slow song, when the groom dipped his bride, the Navy Pier fireworks started, as though the fireworks were specifically meant for the couple.


A: I’ve been dancing and choreographing for now about 14 years, which is by far my favorite pastime. Other things I like to do include painting, sculpting, knitting/crocheting, and watching old black & white movies.

A: If I had to choose, I think my favorite thing about working in the entertainment world is that I get to help people create memories that last a lifetime.

A: It’s a tie between my mom and dad. They both worked so hard to make sure my brother and I had everything we ever needed and have taught me that I could do anything I put my mind to.

A: Don’t sweat the small stuff and trust the professionals. It’s harder than it sounds, but it will alleviate so much stress. Focus on just being at your event and let everything else fall into place.

A: There was a cousin of a bat mitzvah who was very little, maybe three years old. I started dancing with her during the party, and she became my little shadow on the dance floor. She had the biggest smile on her face. Her parents literally had to drag her off the dance floor at the end of the night. She ran over and gave me a huge hug before they left. I can’t wait until I can work her mitzvah in a few years!


A: Spending time with my family and listening to music.

A: Getting to use my love for music to bring happiness to others and help create memories.

A: My Mom. My mom has put a passion in me to bring joy to others.

A: Plan early. Close your eyes and visualize your event. Then find the right professionals to make your vision a reality.

A: A wedding celebration was brought to a whole new level. Recent losses had affected the overall feel of the reception. The Bride’s family asked if I could do something to mention the family that could not be there that day. A quick song choice and positive words that I would have liked to hear about my loved ones lit up the room. Tears, smiles, and “table hugs” turned into a joyous sing-a-long that reassured everyone that those not present were still with them and enjoying the beautiful day.

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