Night Club Lighting

Night Club Lighting

If you want to turn your wedding reception from the ordinary to stunning, you should consider night club lighting (a step up from traditional uplighting). Lighting creates a mood for your reception that can’t be matched.

You can think outside the box when you use up lights. For example, If you’re thinking about mint green throughout your wedding, stay away from green lighting – it may be too much, and green isn’t very flattering. Opt for colors that complement all skin tones, like pinks or a even a soft ivory.

You can also take advantage of color can for your atmosphere by changing the shades throughout the reception. If your cocktail hour starts around sunset, you can have gold tones During dinner, consider a softer color that can mimic candlelight. As the party continues, you can change the lighting to something more bold. Making this change can be done with intelligent lighting which The Seville can program to coordinate the whole lighting setup.

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